UX/UI Design

We can help you with any type of UX/UI design work, from strategy to final deliverables.

Strategy, content, wireframes, prototypes, and final visual designs with users and business in mind.

Ideation and Strategy

The sooner your business adapts good UX, the better. We help you shape vision and strategy for your product with users in mind, and build a quick MVP to test your ideas.

Content and Design

We create deliverables of all fidelities, from simple wireframes to pixel-perfect UIs. All based on best usability practices, patterns, and research.

Short case study

UX Design in Edutech

Speeding up the visa application process for students.

The client

MeStudent is an online platform for international students who want to study in Australia.

What we did?

Based on our extensive user research and testing, we’ve created a working platform prototype and front-end design in less then three months.

We managed to take a difficult, supervised, two-week-long process, and shorten it to just a 30 minute-long with a user-friendly application wizard.

Most importantly, we put a lot of focus on the legal aspect of the application proces, which was crucial from a business point of view, since Australia has a particular laws when it comes to students from abroad.

What's next?

Evaluate and Iterate

Good UX comes from endless iteration on the product’s design. We set you up with a framework for evaluating the usability of designs so you know how to look for further improvements.

Become UX-driven company​

We provide the latest UX research materials, instill UX culture across all departments, and make sure that each employee understands the business value of great UX.

Our services

Here is a list of our most popular UX/UI services. Let us know if you need some more bespoke solutions.

Usability testing, Information Architecture, Design review.

One of us joins you for long-term cooperation.
Wireframing, prototyping, Interactions, Visual Design.
Intensive 5 days tackling a specific customer problem.
UX Strategy and Guidance. Workshops and trainings.
One of us joins you for long-term cooperation

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