UX Audits & Research

Identify usability issues and opportunities with ux audits and research.

We perform complex audits and research.
You get simple, actionable results.

Strategy & Branding​

We analyze your branding and marketing strategies from user’s perspective, and all analytics you have to see WHY users come to you, what are they looking for, and how to grow your business.

User Experience & Usability

We review your product’s UX based on best usability heuristics, latest research data, and our experience, to provide you with a list of recommendations how to improve it.

Short case study

UX Audit for Web

Informing business decisions with usability recommendations based on data

The client

We were approached by one of the market leaders in engineering software for manufacturing companies, who also offers a variety of knowledge-sharing services, from expert articles to consulting and trainings.

Their main goal was to understand their users: why are they coming to their website, what are their looking for, and if their current website matches those needs.

What we did?

We performed a complex UX Audit that consisted of analytics research, usability heuristic evaluation, UI inventory, technical review, and wireframes for critical sections.

In total, the UX Audit consisted of:

• 130+ pages of documentation

• 40+ usability issues identified, ranked, explained, and provided with context and recommendations.

• 50+ footnotes with references to relevant UX studies and guidelines.

• 10 wireframes providing better understanding of how to solve critical issues.

What's next?

Get the whole team on board

All our findings are explained in great depth, but using layman terms and numerous visual examples, so that the whole team can understand the value of good design, and get behind it.

Move forward with certainty

Every issue we uncover during our reviews and research is followed by a recommendation on how to improve it, making it easier to decide on the resources you need, and the strategy for the future.

Our services

Here is a list of our most popular UX/UI services. Let us know if you need some more bespoke solutions.

Usability testing, Information Architecture, Design review.

One of us joins you for long-term cooperation.
Wireframing, prototyping, Interactions, Visual Design.
Intensive 5 days tackling a specific customer problem.
UX Strategy and Guidance. Workshops and trainings.
One of us joins you for long-term cooperation

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