Hey, we're UXOX.
UX Experts that work hard as OXes.

There are many different specialists among us that together create something bigger than just the sum of its parts.

We share our knowledge and experience. When you work with one of ours, you work with the whole team.

Mateusz Saniewski

Founder, UXC Expert

Rafał Borkowski

UXC Designer

People behind the curtain

Great digital products need more than just great design. We collaborate with many experts to make your business stand out.

Search Engine Marketing

Paulina Sobolewska

Design digital products with user-centric approach. Position focused on ambition and growth.

Our services

Here is a list of our most popular UX/UI services. Let us know if you need some more bespoke solutions.

Usability testing, Information Architecture, Design review.

One of us joins you for long-term cooperation.
Wireframing, prototyping, Interactions, Visual Design.
Intensive 5 days tackling a specific customer problem.
UX Strategy and Guidance. Workshops and trainings.
One of us joins you for long-term cooperation

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