Design Sprint

It’s a 5-day-long workshop which goal is to answer a very specific business question.

Answer a critical business question in a week, not months

Everyone's involved, from stakeholders to testers.​

Having stakeholders, content managers, testers, developers, and others work together on a single problem is a great way to align the whole team and find the best solution.

Test with real users and avoid costly mistakes

A good sprint saves a lot of time and money. Instead of building a live product, which is very resource-heavy, we come up with many solutions, pick the best one, make a prototype, and test it with users within 5 days.
Short case study

Design Sprint for Startup

Testing new business model for webdesign agency

The client

Wizzable is our sister company that builds websites for small business in matter of days.

We wanted to see if there’s a way to deliver high-quality, yet low-budget websites for small, local businesses that need a basic web presence, and don’t want to spend too much time nor money on it.
What we did?

During the 5-day-long Design Sprint we created a business model and a MVP mock website.

We set up Wizzable website in a way that allowed small business owners to select from three tiers of websites, based on their needs, specify the content and pages types, and get a modern, responsive website within even 48 hours.
Our primary goal was to alleviate the pain connected to creation of a new website. We achieved clarity in explaining the process and by putting specific restricions on what business owners were able to get, which made it easy for them to get the job done.

What's next?

Move forward with certainty​​​

Having a prototyped and tested hypothesis gives you and your team solid grounds when making decisions about the next steps for your product.

Become UX-driven company​​

We provide the latest UX research materials, instill UX culture across all departments, and make sure that each employee understands the business value of great UX.

Our services

Here is a list of our most popular UX/UI services. Let us know if you need some more bespoke solutions.

Usability testing, Information Architecture, Design review.

One of us joins you for long-term cooperation.
Wireframing, prototyping, Interactions, Visual Design.
Intensive 5 days tackling a specific customer problem.
UX Strategy and Guidance. Workshops and trainings.
One of us joins you for long-term cooperation

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